Can a little elephant be a soldier?  Can she dance or play music?  Or will she just be in everyone's way?


It's the Maharajah's wedding day and the whole palace is preparing for the celebrations. There are soldiers, musicians and dancers, all with their parts to play.


Little Tinku wants ever so much to help. She tries very hard. But whatever she tries to do results in upset and chaos.


Tinku is sad, but her mother reassures her that all she has to be is herself.


An original story, told and illustrated by Adam Price.


"So you didn't get it right first time.

Don't give up or lose heart.

You see, it's not success or pride or fame,

But trying that's the important part.



"A fabulous future is what I see

For you, oh my gifted girl.

But my daughter is what you'll always be,

And to me that is worth the world.


"So, if you dance or guard the king,

Sit still and quiet or play music loud,

Know you are my Everything,

And that I am so very proud."


A beautifully illustrated story that reinforces the words every child should hear.