The Runaway Chapatti

A little girl makes a chapatti for her tea -- but the chapatti leaps from the pan and makes a break for it!


The little girl gives chase. "Run, run, as fast as you can!" cries the chapatti. "You'll never put me in your frying pan!"


The chase is joined by a monkey, a dog and a crocodile but the chapatti outruns them all.


Until along comes the tiger...







as fast as you can!


You'll never put me

in your frying pan!


The Runaway Chapatti was originally published in 1999 by Cambridge University Press, as part of their early reading series.


     It proved very popular with schools and parents. After it went out of print, Susan had many, many emails from people wanting to know if she had copies they could buy.


     Because of this, Chapatti became the first picturebook Susan published herself.

     She owned the copyright of the text, but not the illustrations. Luckily, she had an artist to hand -- her brother, Adam Price.


We republished Chapatti in 2015 and it has sold steadily ever since we put it up on Amazon.


Adam has travelled in India and jumped at the chance to use deep, rich colours in his illustrations.