Olly Spellmaker and the Hairy Horror


When the Matheson family find their living room frighteningly tidy they know that something very odd is going on. But they're not quite ready for Hairy Bill – a seriously shaggy bogle, and the family's very own house spirit.


He used to do chores on the Highland farms of ancient Mathesons but now he's moved to the city – right into Alex Matheson's house. And he won't stop cleaning. And re-decorating. He even puts a deer head up on the wall!


First Alex thought that this hairy ghoul might be cool to have around. But now he's had enough. For there's a sinister side to Hairy Bill and the Mathesons had better act fast.


Enter Olly Spellmaker, a motor bike-riding, leather-clad witch who might be able to get rid of the bogle AND tell Alex about his own spooky skills . . .