Scully Ashes and the Highwayman


Your money or your life!"



SCULLY ASHES is the lowest servant in the old man's house: the kitchen skivvy who does all the hardest, dirtiest jobs.



But when a fearful highwayman begins robbing everyone who travels the roads, wee Scully is the only one brave enough to ride into town to fetch the wages.



Will she return with the money or will she end as another of highwayman's victims?

Here is also the story of a brother and sister who cannot stop arguing...



And the story of a black cat who is not a witch's cat.



He says so himself and he ought to know.



Three entertaining stories for youngsters where they may find that not everything in the story is spelled out in the text.



Written by the acclaimed author for children, Susan Price, who won the Carnegie medal for her book, The Ghost Drum and the Guardian Fiction Award for The Sterkarm Handshake.


Illustrated by Andrew Price.