Odin's Monster

When Kveldulf Witch learns that the Queen of Ultima Thule is searching for a husband, he decides that he will be the man she marries.


To make sure the Queen falls in love with him, he decides to have the story of his life told by Iceland's greatest story-teller, Thord Cat. The story will make Kveldulf into such a hero, the Queen will be unable to resist him.


But Thord Cat refuses to make praise of Kveldulf because he is 'a faith-breaker and a killer.'


Kvedulf is furious. He swears that, with the help of his God, Odin, he will force Thord Cat to tell his story


Kveldulf makes a monster and sends it to haunt and terrify Thord Cat.  If he does not agree to tell the story of Kveldulf's life, the monster will kill him.


The monster is so terrifying that all Thord's farm people run away.


Even his brothers desert him.


The only person who stands by him is the old beggar woman, Bergthora.


And what help can she be?



For Ages 8--11