Three Billy Goats Gruff


The Scandinavian tale of 'Three Billy goats Gruff', has always been a favourite of ours so, obviously, we wanted to retell it.


We wanted to tell it our way, with slapstick humour  and lots of 'Zoo-oo-oom!' and 'Ka-pow!' sound effects.


We had loads of fun sitting in front of the computer, coming up with ideas for the characters of the different goats. (Susan has always seen Great Big as a goat of few words, a goat of action.)


The rather George-Clooneyesque appearance of the Troll was all Andrew's idea.


We enjoyed the characters so much, we gave them all their own launch party here.


We like to think of families sitting with the book and chanting the refrains, or all shouting out together, 'Eat him!'



Buy the colouring and work-book edition!


Colour in the pictures and practice reading and writing by filling in the missing words.


Closely observing the shape and grouping of letters in order to copy them into the blank spaces - with loving help from adults, of course - prepares children for both reading and writing. It makes children comfortable with books and pens, while the repetition of the task helps them memorise letters and spellings.




There is also an Activity Book produced for the US, with American spellings.